Thinking of Playing Music in a NEW Way!

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Klavar Instant Music Player Books

It is the declared intention of the Klavar Music School International
to bring the joy of making music within the reach of the widest possible public especially
to children and the retired....... 

Learn to play from the Klavar  Instant Music Player Books easy-to-understand tutorials.

Learn to play the Piano with a proven Progressive Music Notation called:



The Klavar Manual is an instructive 
and stimulating introduction to 
the Klavar Music Notation.


These lovely pieces enable the beginner 
musician to perform comfortably 
at an early stage in their development.



After one lesson you will have discovered how to read music and play your piano the easy way, any tune popular or classical music, identically written just as the composers intended.

Thousands of people worldwide  just like YOU have learnt to use the unique Klavar method of playing their piano, keyboard, electronic organ, from the Klavar Instant Music Player Books,
and at the same time, having lots of fun in the process!